La Parisienne.


Let’s be honest – we all want to be her… Obviously the Francophiles among us anyway. But you know what? Even those who always say they don’t like the French. Because secretly they wish to have her confidence, that attitude, that certain je ne sais quoi.

Just imagine a Parisienne at a house party, leaning against a door frame, listening to a guy trying to impress her, holding a glass of vine rouge in the one hand, a cigarette in the other, her hair slightly messy, hardly any make up but red lips (because even if she did put effort in looking good, she doesn’t want others know, so simply red lips will do), skinny black jeans, black oversized boyfriend sweater, black ankle boots, and overall having a “being-bored-look”on her face… (just another musician from Paris who is “just about to be famous” – sure).

This is her.

She is cool.

She is not easily impressed.

She keeps it natural.

She has attitude.

She is Parisian chic.

So the obligatory question here is how does she do it? This blog will be all about La Parisienne and how we can become a little bit like her (without losing our own integrity of course).



P.s. : Yes, I exaggerate. If you don’t like it, leave.


Published by

Mademoiselle Sel

Serious Francophile

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